Safety and ergonomics

The following specified approvals and requirements refer generally to the aspect of product safety. For IT equipment the international safety Standard IEC 60950-1 (Safety of Information Technology Equipment in Audio/Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology) is to be observed along with the series of standards for ergonomics on input devices EN ISO 9241-4xx. The certifications described here refer to voluntary test marks that can be used to confirm statutory requirements in certain regions and countries.


UL 60950-1

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an organization in the USA that was founded back in 1894 at the instigation of fire insurance companies to define test specifications for electrical equipment and to then test the equipment according to the specifications. The Standard UL 60950-1, which defines the requirements pertaining to the electrical safety of IT equipment, is used as the basis for testing IT equipment. This also includes requirements placed on materials with regard to thermal stability, insulating property and flammability.

EK1-ITB 2000

GS (Tested Safety) is a German test mark that can be issued by various inspection agencies such as, e.g. VDE, TÜV Rheinland or UL. The basis for issuance of the test mark is the award principles governed by EK1 ITB-2000. These award principles are revised and augmented, where necessary, on an annual basis by various inspection agencies. The standards referenced therein include ones for product safety such as, e.g. EN 60950-1 or for ergonomics such as, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9241-4xx. The GS test principles are available on the Internet site for ZLS in the shared resources category "Erfahrungsaustausch"/EK1.

Manufacturer declaration

DGUV Information 215-410 "Design Guidelines for Workstations"

These guidelines issued by the Statutory Employer's Liability Insurance Association (VBG), previously BGI650, clearly defines the safety-related, industrial health, ergonomic and industrial psychology requirements for the design and operation of workstation equipment These requirements extend in part beyond the requirements covered by a GS test. The DGUV mark is a test mark issued by the employer's liability insurance association to confirm that its principles have been met. It is however, no longer awarded by the VBG for IT equipment. The testing of IT equipment was discontinued with in 2006. Confirmation of these requirements can therefore only be made by the manufacturer itself.

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